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Step Away from the Phone

It was bound to happen. Something was going to take a turn.

I've run out of Grace and Frankie. Halfway through Brooklyn 99. So why not try to answer texts and pm's under the influence of chemo? 

I replied to a message sent to my daughter's TBall team with a message to my husband. I didn't say happy birthday to my cousin, but SOMEONE was greeted with a nice message. I also replied to a message from another patient here via my cousin's cell phone in Vermont. 

Meg isn't correcting me because, well, amusement.

It's really not that bad, honestly. This kind of cognitive "fog" is not far off from the norm for me. It's one of the symptoms I am hoping will be reversed. As I've said before, I am completely aware that the measure of success here is halting the progression of this disease. I'm losing this summer to make sure I have the next 50 summers of fun. But if there would be one symptom I could choose to reverse, it would be cog fog. Take my hair, give me back my clarity.

This is a good week coming up. Today and tomorrow we continue the twice daily stem stim shots, but also tomorrow we find out how well they're working. If all goes according to plan, HARVEST IS THURSDAY! The best part about Harvest is the cold turkey sandwiches the next day.

Meanwhile, I get to see the girls on FaceTime several times per day and we just hang out on the phone. Matt is, of course, being an amazing Mom and Dad, but Cheryl has also made the first week fun. She even got them to the '80's themed dance party at school on Friday night, dressed in neon with side ponies and layered skirts Cindi Lauper style. It was totally rad.

Cheryl also tells me she managed to get all the sewing done from the sewing basket. Just a little background: if something rips or loses a button and needs to go in the sewing pile, the girls know they'll never see it again. It's one of those childhood realities they learned very young. Mary had the sneaky idea to give Cheryl the basket when I left. Cheryl complied. Pfft. Rookie.

As Mary was cackling about this to me on FaceTime last night, I hear her little sister in the background yell "Yeah, and I told her next she can scrub my floors!" We all laughed together. Floors! AmIright?

Stay tuned. Big week! And thank you for all of your wonderful messages! They are keeping me grounded and in fight mode! I thank God for you all every day.

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